The bedroom – this is the most personal space in the entire home, forbidden to outsiders. The interior has to convey tranquillity and harmony since this is the place where you relax. Interior solutions should generate positive thoughts, creating an atmosphere of comfort away from everyday problems.

At Zarra Design we accompany you throughout the process of furnishing your new bedroom – from choosing furniture, through the development of a functional project, showing the position of the furniture in the room, to the delivery and assembly at your home. This method of work makes the whole experience easier, more pleasant, and guarantees the successful completion of the project within your budget.

The first step is to arrange an appointment with one of our consultants at the Zarra Design shops in Plovdiv.

Get inspired by the gallery of completed Zarra Design projects! If some of these kitchens resemble your vision, please, add these to “My inspirations“ and show them to our designers during the free consultation at one of our shops in Plovdiv.

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