The living room is the most frequently used area of the home. There are numerous furnishing styles and the selection of products is so varied nowadays that you would have hardly any trouble finding what you desire. The long years of experience we have in furnishing living rooms give us confidence that we can meet the requirements of any customer, even those with the most exacting tastes. We are here to hear your wishes and dreams and turn them into reality.

We at Zarra Design, follow 4 steps to allow you monitor the entire process from the designing of the project to the assembly of your livingroom. This approach makes the whole experience easier, more pleasant, and guarantees the successful completion of the project within your budget.

The first step is to arrange an appointment with one of our consultants at the Zarra Design shops in Plovdiv.

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Get inspired by the gallery of completed Zarra Design projects! If some of these kitchens resemble your vision, please, add these to “My inspirations“ and show them to our designers during the free consultation at one of our shops in Plovdiv.

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